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I am such a fat a$$
I have gained like 50 pounds over the past few years and I am atrocious!! I am so fat that I cannot even stand to look at myself and I don't even have the self control to even start starving myself again!!!

Calories so far today: 1,060

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Only ate half my dinner so calories are actually 890 so far today.

Sometimes I wish I could go back to starving, too, just because I know no other way to manage to lose weight.

Gaining weight sucks and it's so hard to lose. :(

What sort of exercise do you get? Maybe it would help to find something fun that is active. My preference on that would be dance classes, for example.

We don't have any dance classes around here. I have a gym membership but it sucks to go alone so I never really go. It just seems like starving us the only thing that really works to lose weight.

I can relate to the feeling. Sometimes I want to go back to starving myself, too. But we both know that logically, that isn't good. At least for me, it made me feel like crap all the time.

How is your health? Maybe you could go for walks? I like to walk. I am trying to just stay healthy, keep my heart in shape, etc. I know it might not mean a whole lot, but hun, I really do think you are absolutely beautiful. I wouldn't say so if I didn't really think it. :) *soft hugs*

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