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Honeymoon in Hawaii...
Wedding dress
So I recently went to Hawaii for my honeymoon! We stayed in Honolulu. We layed on the beach, swam in the ocean, went to a luau, walked around town and shopped, and even climbed a volcano! I thought I would post a few pictures from the trip. It was so much fun and amazingly beautiful, I would give anything to live there! We are planning on going back in either October or January if we can afford it. Have any of you been there before?

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It looks wonderful! I haven't been outside of the continental US and really haven't been to the ocean even though I've been to CA and MA and such. I've only been to the Gulf of Mexico as far as ocean-y water goes. I love going places where the air smells salty and there are palm trees, though! It's nice you two were able to have a honeymoon somewhere like that! :D

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