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Wedding dress
Hey all,

I am getting tired of all the music I have and am looking for suggestions. I basically like all music... not huge into rap or punk though. Love country, etc... please post a few of your favorite songs and I will look them up!!!

Thanks so much!!!!!!!


<3 Moo

Me with The Band Perry when I did their spotlights at one of their concerts! :-)

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There is a local band here in OK that has actually been topping some country charts in TX lately, called The Damn Quails. They have songs on iTunes. My favorite is Fool's Gold. I don't really care for country but they are not quite country to me and they are great live. They have sometimes up to 9 people playing on stage and a lot of different instruments such as a stand-up bass, fiddle, keyboards, multiple guitars, and harmonica, plus various percussion. </p>

I usually listen to more ambient, electronic (but not like shitty techno), or industrial/goth type stuff, so I may not have much to suggest to you otherwise. If I think of some less electronic stuff I will comment again but my mind feels pretty blank right now. :b

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