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Happy Easter and Hello!
Wedding dress
Hello everyone! First of all, Happy Easter to you all!!! I have not been on here in forever, I'm sorry. I've been traveling a lot with my husband and the circus we work for and the LJ app on my phone sucks so I don't have time to log on often. But that is going to change now! I want to be active on here again. I hope you are all doing well and having a great Easter! I've started dancing in the circus! I will put a pic on here! We travel mainly in the south and east... like PA, NY, GA, FL, SC, OH, IL, MA, etc... Dancing in front of 10,000 people (more or less) is terrifying... more nerve-wracking than fun... but at least I am facing one of my fears and trying something new! :-) Starting in May my hubby and I will be home for the summer working at circus world museum. Well... I will have three jobs: circus world restaurant full-time, grocery store cashier nights, and grooming 6 dogs for the cirucs dog act twice a week. I will be busy but it's the only time I can really make any decent money so it's necessary! Comment and let me know how you are all doing!
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