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Hey... I don't have very many friends on here and I don't know how to make any more! I have writen my info on my facebook wall but not many of my friends on there use lj. My sister, fragileme, has lots of friends. I would like to start writing more but I feel like no one reads my posts because I dont have many friends. How do I make more friends on here? I am really not very familiar with lj. Help please!!! Are there groups to join? Can anyone reccomend friends? Thanks!!!

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Sorry you're feeling that way. There are groups to join. You can search for your interests and groups with that interest or name will show up.

Sometimes I make friends through friends I already have. I've also made friends with people from various communities that I am in, especially the borderline comm but you didn't mention that as being an issue in your userinfo. You could try crazy_academics. There are anxiety and PTSD and other comms related to mental illness, so yes, you can search based on interests and come up with some that way. I saw you are in eatingdisorders but that one isn't very active anymore. :\

Okay... thanks... I guess I will keep trying... I know I need to be more active to keep friends as well.

That was going to be my suggetion.

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