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The Crazy Life of Mandy, Misplaced...

Enter if you dare....

23 April 1985
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My name is Mandy. I am 27 years old. I am going to school for a degree in Psychology. I have dealt with eating disorders, self-injury, depression, PTSD, and anxiety personally. I love my friends and family. I got married to the most amazing man ever on October 22, 2011. I love meeting new people!!!
1960's, 24, 25th hour, 28 days, 40 year old virgin, a beautiful mind, a million little pieces, adam sandler, alf: the animated series, american history x, anastasia, anorexia diaries, barry manilow, becker, becoming ana, best little girl world, billy joel, bloodletting, carrie underwood, catch me you can, celtic woman, chatting, cheers, cher, church, circus world museum, cold case, csi, cut, darryl worley, david pelzer's books, death, designing women, die hard, dogma, elvis presley, evanescense, everybody loves raymond, facebook and chatting, family relationships, firehouse boston, flew over cuckoo's nest, full house, gaelic storm, gary allan, george thorogood, gilmore girls, girl, girl interrupted, go ask alice, good charlotte, gregorian masters of chant, hanging out, hanging out with fiance, hanging with friends, harry potter series, home makeover, horsedick.mpeg, hunger games, hungry, ice skating, inc., instant messaging, interrupted, janis joplin, jimmy carter, johnny cash, jonny blu, just listen, lassie, lilo & stitch, lisa bright and dark, loretta lynn, lose guy 10 days, luckiest girl in world, matchbox twenty, meeting new people, michael bolton, miss march, monsters, movies, music, mystery diagnosis, nick venturella, nine months, odd girl out, office space, ozzy osbourne, patsy cline, pet semetary, poetry, promised land, prozac nation, psychology, ptsd, purge, rain man, reading, rob zombie, roky erickson, running with sissors, saved by the bell, saving zoe, school, serving sara, sex and the city, shania twain, simple plan, sisterhood of traveling pants, sleeping, smashed, sociology, son in law, soul asylum, stick figure, story of lucy gault, sugarland, susan boyle, sweet home alabama, taylor swift, the 9 th gate, the bell jar, the brady bunch, the evil dead, the golden girls, the hangover, the lovely bones, the me nobody knew, the notebook, therapy, tim mcgraw, toby keith, too scared to cry, touched by an angel, traveling, tweaked, twilight series, two weeks notice, wallflowers, wasted, weird al, while you were sleeping, will & grace, writing and reading